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  Important Notice To Forex Traders
                    Forextradings.com Privacy Policy & Risk Disclaimer

Forextradings.com does not offer online currency trading services at the moment, we are not an online Forex currency broker.

We highly advice opening accounts with regulated brokers.

We take no responsibility on external links from forextradings.com.

We don't Sell or offer online Forex trading signals, Currency trading recommendations, Market timing, entry and exit levels.

Forextradings.com may be affiliated with online Forex trading firms and brokers.
All the online currency brokers affiliated with forextradings.com will be represented only on forextradings.com.

Donít Risk More Than You Can Afford To Lose.

The information's provided in this site may change without notice, Forextradings.com is not responsible for any damages caused by using data or information's or any content on this web site, or timeless of any information's contained on this website, views and opinions expressed on Forextradings.com may be those of individual authors and may not be necessarily be the views of forextradings.com or its officers and employees.

The information contained on this website is not directed for distribution or use to persons in Countries where such  information's or investments referred are contrary to local law or regulation, Visitors to this website have the responsibility to comply with their local law and regulation's.


Forex  involve very high risk of losses and may not be suitable for all investors.

In this regard We would like also to draw your attention to some of the B.C. Securities Commission warning on Forex trading:

1- Investors looking to trade foreign currencies at home should know that it is complex and takes expert knowledge and without this knowledge it's very risky.

2- If you don't have that information or that knowledge you're likely to lose your money.

3- Foreign currency trading is not for inexperienced everyday investors.

4 -Software platforms and seminars for aspiring home traders have popped up in recent years, opening up the world of foreign exchange trading to a broad range of investors, this programs and seminars are not a substitute for the research and expert knowledge needed to compete with the hedge funds and banks trading in currency markets.  

5 -If investors look at these carefully, they'll see that a lot of these products and services advertised bear warnings about the risks of this kind of investing and they take care to cite the limitations of their product.

6 -The mere fact that you are trading on margin can increase your losses because the more money an individual borrows to invest in the forex market, the higher the risk of losing the investment quickly.

7 -Foreign exchange trading can be legitimate for governments and businesses concerned about fluctuations in international currencies, and it can even be appropriate for some individual investors, but the average investor should be wary when it comes to these complex markets.

8 -Online Foreign Exchange trading is one of the top 10 traps facing investors.

We would like also to draw your attention to the opinion of Mr. George Davis, chief FX technical analyst at RBC Capital Markets (one of the world top and Leading real market markers):

"Home investors face a challenging environment and can be at a disadvantage in the market compared with the big players such as hedge funds and the banks.

They tend to have access or insight into the different flows that are going through the market at any given time and that's something obviously the retail investor might miss and that could be fairly perilous at times".


We highly recommend obtaining independent advice from financial advisors and understand  the nature of financial transactions before making any investment decision.

This Website is for information's and educational purposes, The Education materials Contained on this website are for informational purposes not for making any investment decision, Trade Marks on this Website, are declared to belong to their respective owner's.

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