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  Forex Articles & Studies
  Technical Analysis in Forex - A Strategy for Individual Trader in Intra-Day Trading
 Authors: Miikka Linden. Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences
                                         Date:  September 2009

The goal of the thesis was to create a simple and profitable strategy for Foreign Exchange Market (Forex) currency trading. Forex is an interesting international market, which is becoming globally more and more popular. The author has a strong interest in Forex and he had noticed how many trading strategies are very complicated and difficult to use. The meaning was to study what kind of simple trading strategy would be profitable in Forex. The target of the study was intra-day traders, who trade short-term trades, prefer technical trading and already have the basic information of the market. The strategy created was tested through using virtual money by the author and it was also published as an e-book in different online forums for collecting comments and improvement suggestions. The thesis was carried out as a project-based thesis and it consists of introductory, theoretical and empirical parts. Theory consists of four parts; Forex market, what moves the exchange rates, how technical analysis predicts exchange-rate movements and money management. The trading strategy was created by applying the theory to the author’s own ideas of Forex trading. The empirical part contains a complete Forex trading strategy and a report of the testing period. The goal of making a simple and profitable Forex trading strategy was reached as a three month testing period ended with a gain of 19%. The e-book received many positive comments, but also some criticism and improvement suggestions from other traders. Most people who commented on the trading strategy liked the simplicity of it. Even though the strategy created was tested with virtual money, the study indicates that simple Forex trading can be profitable. The next phase is to test the strategy with real money and study the results over a longer period of time. Emotional factors that affect trading decisions will only be shown when real money is traded. The author is confident that every trader who reads the study will learn a lot and get new ideas for their own Forex trading.

 Note: The Below File are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format,  please click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader For Free.



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