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  Forex Articles & Studies
                                        Forex Trading Articles
 The Below Articles content are not verified by Forextradings.com and are not considered the views of Forextradings.com
 Please make sure about Gov propose of writing below articles and research international targets, below articles are info.
  Profits and Speculation in Intra-Day Foreign Exchange Trading  Alexander Mende & Lukas Menkhoff.
  Foreign Exchange Market Structure, Players and Evolution  Michael R. King, Carol Osler & Dagfinn Rime.
  Forex Trading and Investment  Martin D.D. Evans & Richard K. Lyons.
  Trading Forex: What Investors Need to know  National Futures Association (NFA). 
  Foreign Currency Exchange Trading For Individual Investors  U.S SEC.
  Do Currency Markets Absorb News Quickly?  Martin D.D. Evans & Richard K. Lyons.
  Support for Resistance: Technical Analysis and Intraday Exchange Rates  Carol Osler. 
  Intraday Technical Trading in The Foreign Exchange Market  Christopher J. Neely & Paul A. Weller.
  Volume and Volatility in the FX Market  Geir H. Bjønnes, Dagfinn Rime & Haakon O.Aa. Solheim.
  International Capital Markets and Foreign Exchange Risk   Brennan, Michael J, Xia, Yihong,
  Blockchain Technology: What is it Good for?   Saifedean Ammous
  Can Leverage Constraints Help Investors?  Rawley Z. Heimer.
  The Profitability of Technical Analysis: A Review  Cheol-Ho Park & Scott H. Irwin.
  Government Intervention in the Foreign Exchange Market  Owen F. Humpage.   
  Can Bitcoin Become a Major Currency?  William J. Luther & Lawrence H. White.
  Common Risk Factors in Currency Markets  Hanno Lustig, Nikolai Roussanov & Adrien Verdelhan.
   Understanding FX Liquidity  Nina Karnaukh, Angelo Ranaldo & Paul Söderlind.  
  Cross Currency Swap Valuation  Wolfram Boenkost & Wolfgang M. Schmidt.
  Technical Analysis in the Foreign Exchange Market  Christopher J. Neely & Paul A. Weller.
  Algorithmic Trading in the Foreign Exchange Market Alain Chaboud, Benjamin Chiquoine, Erik Hjalmarsson & Clara Vega.
   Timing Foreign Exchange Markets  Robert B. Gramacy, Samuel W. Malone & Enrique ter Horst.
  Intraday Spot Foreign Exchange Market. Efficiency, Liquidity & Volatility  Anna Serbinenko & Svetlozar T. Rachev.
  Exchange Rates and Monetary Policy Uncertainty  Philippe Mueller, Alireza Tahbaz-Salehi & Andrea Vedolin.
  Lessons from the Evolution of Foreign Exchange Trading Strategies  Christopher J. Neely & Paul A. Weller.
  Forex Trading using MetaTrader 4 with the Fractal Market Hypothesis  Jonathan Blackledge & Kieran Murphy.
  Currency Options and Swaps: Hedging Currency Risk  Louis Morel.
  An Analysis of Recent Studies of the Effect of Foreign Exchange Intervention  Christopher J. Neely.
  Do Japanese Candlestick Patterns Help Identify Profitable Trading Opportunities?  Aisha Ameen & Elango Rengasamy.
  Dealer Behavior and Trading Systems in the Foreign Exchange Markets  Geir Høidal Bjønnes & Dagfinn Rime.
  Technical Analysis in Forex - A Strategy for Individual Trader in Intra-Day Trading  Miikka Linden.
  Evaluating the Effectiveness and Sensitivity of Forex Trading Robots  Yu Gu
  Forex-Foreteller: Currency Trend Modeling using News Articles  Fang Jin, Nathan Self, Parang Saraf, Others.


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